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How It Works

Get more information on how to get emergency funds quickly with our free referral service. We'll tell you more about the services, their potential uses, and how the sign-up process works.

The Process Explained

A cash advance, also sometimes called a payday loan, is a short-term loan that is designed to cover relatively small expenses that need to be taken care of before your next payday. Our lending partners issue funds that are secured against your paycheck, so the repayment of the loan is usually automatically deducted from your check when it arrives (varies accordingly). Funds are sometimes easier to access and qualify for than other, traditional services from banks or credit unions. The security of your check allows lenders to let more borrowers qualify, and our partners are willing to work with people from all financial backgrounds (varies accordingly). In summary, this is an excellent short-term solution to urgent money problems.

How to use our service

Of course, when you get relief, you can use your money in any way you see fit. Usually, though, our visitors have very specific, pressing financial needs that require assistance. You might use your funds for any of the following:

How to get started

You can sign up for a free referral by completing our free, online form. After we receive your basic contact information, we will connect you with a lender that can provide expedited assistance. Typically, we will refer you to a lending partner's site, where you can learn more about the borrowing process and ask your lender the questions you have. If you wish, you can then apply for a loan on the lender's site, usually for free (varies).